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Le monde des Gnawa

Viviana Paques

Viviana Paques 1999 - EN




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Viviana Paques


Jacques Willemont

François de la Patelière

Sound engineer

Fabrice Pontarini

Justine Collomb


1 h 14 mn
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Jacques Willemont et SFRS


Espaces (France)





In this interview, Viviana Paques talks about her studies, her first fieldwork and the discovery of caravan routes following possession cults and slave trades in Sub-Saharan Africa and in the Maghreb.

She then analyses the different approaches (technological, metaphysical, astronomical and symbolic) that she used over the course of her research.
Paques also reminds us that degrees of initiation vary considerably within each community and that, to have an answer at the time of the interview, one must ask the right question, namely a question tailored to the person with whom we are talking. “We cannot ask the right question as long as we have not understood the system,” she says.
The colors of the derdeba are a metalanguage. There are no actual genies. What is interesting is not the conceptualization of the event, but how it is experienced. Viviana Paques discusses the unfolding of the derdeba, its codes and its sacrifices.
Finally, she claims the right for anthropology to be subjective: anthropology is an art.




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01 – Presenting Viviana Pâques : 0.41

02 – Marcel Griaule’s influence : 1.52
03 - Viviana Paques on caravan routes : 3.01
04 - The technological approach : 4.57
05 - The metaphysical approach : 6.05
06 - The astronomical approach : 4.01
07 - The symbolic approach : 3.50
08 - Each one has a different degree of initiation : 4.36
09 - Asking the right question : 5.09
10 - The colors of the derdeba: a metalanguage : 10.26
11 - The different sacrifices of the derdeba : 7.29
12 - The codes of the derdeba : 5.52
13 - The unfolding of the derdeba : 8.40
14 - Sweetness : 2.04
15 - The anthropologist’s subjectivity : 4.48





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